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As a member and part owner of Southern Co-op you have a say in how your business is run and an opportunity to vote on important issues. This means we have a legal responsibility and legitimate interest to send you certain information. On joining Southern Co-op as a member, you will receive these communications by email if we have an address for you, or in certain circumstances, by post. There is no opt out or consent required for these communications which include:

• Board elections, where you can choose which members represent you on the Board through our election process
• Invites to our Annual and/or Special General Meetings, which you have a legal right to attend
• Information about the member benefits you are entitled to
• Details of member events or member listening groups being held in your area
• Updates on how our businesses are performing and how we’re meeting our community, sustainability and environmental goals

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You are entitled to change your mind about the marketing information you receive at any time.

Your privacy is important to us.

The protection of personal information is vital to everyone in every walk of life. We know it’s important to our members.

The way in which we process and look after your information is set out in our Privacy Notice. You can find this on our website at or by contacting Member Support. This document also tells you about your rights in relation to data we hold about you.